10 Best kept celebrity beauty secrets

Do you want to know how the celebrities always seem to look so good? It might, of course, be something to do with the fact that they don’t have to work a 9-5 job, get home on public transport, get the kids dinner ready, get their own dinner ready, go to bed and do the same thing again the next day! But, as most of us can’t follow that particular way of life, here are 12 other celebrity beauty secrets that we can share with you:

1. Preparation H

Have you ever thought of using Preparation H on your face? No, nor had we, because it sounds hilarious! But, apparently, Sandra Bullock and many other celebrities and makeup artists use this beauty trick, they spread the famous hemorrhoid treatment under the eyes to smooth out any lines and re-hydrate the skin.

2. Girdles

It’s not just your grandmother who wears a girdle, many Hollywood stars, both male and female, have found it easier to wear a girdle, than go the gym. Jessica Alba wore two girdles for three months, after the birth of her child, to help her get her slim figure back again.12 BEST KEPT CELEBRITY BEAUTY SECRETS

3. Longer lash trick

If you had Mick Jagger for a father and supermodel Jerry Hall for a mother, you’d have thought that Georgia May Jagger’s tip for long and beautiful lashes involved some kind of exotic and expensive beauty treatment. Instead, she recommends keeping your mascara for a long time, because it thickens with time and does a better job.

4. Improve your eyelash curler

Isla Fisher gets a perfect curl in her eyelashes by heating her lash curler with a hair dryer before she uses it. It works just as heated hair curlers would and will keep the curl to your lashes in for longer.

5. Never go out without foundation

Joan Collins looks simply fabulous at 80! Her beauty secret is that she never goes out without foundation. She says that after moisturizing, she applies foundation all over her face and it helps to not only make her skin look great, but she also believes that foundation protects her skin against environmental aggressions and the sun.

6. Natural cleanser

You don’t need expensive over the counter products or clinic treatments to get glowing skin like Scarlett Johansson’s, you can follow her simple tip and dab some cider vinegar on your skin. She reckons that the acidity of the vinegar acts as a toner and balances the PH of her skin.

7. Naturally pink lips

Halle Berry’s nude lips aren’t quite as naked, as you might think. To give them a pink glow, she applies red lipstick first, then wipes it off and replaces it with clear gloss.

8. Detox with a difference

This is one that definitely is not going on our list of recommended home beauty treatments, but Demi Moore has a novel way of removing toxins from her blood. She flies all the way to Austria to have ‘highly trained’ leeches applied to her body to suck out the toxins and remove bruises and dark circles from under her eyes.

9. Drink water for beauty

Twiggy’s beauty secret is simple – drink plenty of water! Twiggy says that drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

10. Moisturize with natural oils

This is a bit more down to earth, than Demi Moore’s leaches; Lupita Nyong’o puts her flawless and glowing complexion down to her regular use of natural oils like Hawaiian Kukui oil and avocado oil, as a moisturizer for her face.

11. Keeping your youthful looks for longer

And finally, here is a tip from a slightly more mature celebrity, 68 year old Helen Mirren. She says that her secret beauty tip is to get as much sleep, as possible and she even admits to grabbing 40 winks at lunchtimes, when she’s on a film set. It is a fact that lack of sleep can cause puffy eyes, fine lines and poor skin tone and the recommended amount of sleep for an average adult is at least eight hours a night.

12. Exfoliate daily

Kim Cattrall looks amazing at 57! What is her beauty secret? She says that she exfoliates her skin daily, her face, her body and even her scalp. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal beautiful and glowing skin underneath.

Do you have some other beauty secrets to share? Feel free to do so in the comment sec ion below.

Stay beautiful!

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