When it comes to the holidays, it’s perfectly acceptable to splurge on makeup to complement your festive ensembles. Seasonal décor is all about sparkles, rich hues and glitter, so why shouldn’t your look match?

Here are five of our favorites that are perfect for both intimate parties and grand, sophisticated soirées.

1. Thick, Luscious Lashes
There’s no such thing as too thick or too voluminous lashes, so go head and apply multiple coats to your top and bottom lashes. We recommend CoverGirls’s Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara .

You can also make your eyes pop even more by topping off your mascara with a dusting of eyeshadow in cobalt, hunter green or burgundy for a make-your-own colored mascara effect.

2. A Cunning Cat-eye
The cat-eye is a classic look for a night out, which is why celebrities always show it off on the red carpet. If you’re looking for an alternative to black liner, try an indigo hue for an unexpected dash of color; it works with any eye color.

For a retro look, keep the liner only on the top lashes. To create a straight line, it’s easiest to look down at a compact mirror while applying the eyeliner, but make sure your elbow is steady!

Tip: Be sure to have makeup remover and cotton swabs on hand when you’re creating your cat-eye. It’s sometimes hard to get that perfect wing on the first try, and a cotton swab doused in remover will help you erase your mistakes — and clean up any smears or smudges easily.

3. A Bold Lip
There is no better occasion than a holiday fete for showing off a beautifully bright lip. Not sure you’re ready for something so bold? Try wearing a bright red shade around the house for a few hours and marvel at how you look when you catch your reflection in the mirror.

If you’re still not convinced, know that it may take some getting used to if you don’t usually wear richly colored lipsticks. You can also try a sheer version of a bold shade in a super-pigmented pink or plum, which will still make a statement but won’t be as rich.

Pair this look with a lightly lined eye for best results. If your lips are the focus of your look, your eyes should take a subtle second place.

4. The “Let It Snow” Cheek
Stock up on blush this holiday season — flushed cheeks are always an on-trend look for winter.

Fake a snow-bunny flush by dabbing pink cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks. The more pigment you use, the longer the effect will last.

5. Glowing the Distance
For a pretty glow that lasts, sweep a bit of liquid highlighter in gold (if your skin tone is deeper) or pink (if your skin tone is lighter) onto your brow bones and cheekbones after applying blush, and above your cupid’s bow for a pretty iridescence.

It’s always nice to add some shimmer to a festive, holiday look.

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