In the quest for whiter teeth people tend to ignore their gums. Don’t be one of those people who chooses the superficial over the essential.

Why is it necessary to look after your gums? Well, gum problems can totally affect your pearly whites in the form of tooth decay or worse yet, loss of teeth. Which is why it’s so essential to take good care of your gums.

How to Ensure Good Gum Health

  • Brush the Correct Way

Brushing twice is nice but brushing wrong is well, wrong. And if you brush too hard or horizontally over your teeth you are doing it wrong. Choosing a toothbrush should be an important decision, not one you leave to someone else’s judgement. Pick your own toothbrush and pick one that has soft bristles to avoid gum pain and gum bleeding.

  • A Gum Massage

Nothing like a massage to get the blood flowing. And that logic holds true for your gums too. Simply dip your finger in some eucalyptus or peppermint tonic oil and using circular motion, massage your gums outside, inside, on the upper then lower jaw.

  • The Mouth Gym

Mouth exercises really help stimulate blood flow and keep your gums healthy. After you massage your pearly whites try gently biting down to a point where your teeth make a clicking sound when they meet. 30 to 40 times a day is a good rep count!

  • The Magic of Mouthwash

Brushing: check. Flossing: Check. Well, as long as you’re taking an interest in oral hygiene, why not do it to the fullest? Mouthwash is antiseptic in nature and helps fight and kill bacteria that lead to bad breath as well as gum diseases. So yes, rinse regularly!

  • Cut the Sugar

Sugar is the number one cause of plaque; ask your dentist for confirmation, if you like. When combined with the bacteria in your mouth, it is a true recipe for dental disaster. Why is plaque bad? Well, causes a whole list of dental issues ranging from bleeding gums and cavities to tooth decay. Also, you’d want to cut down on aerated drinks as they dissolve the enamel on your teeth. Did you know a regular coke at the movies contains over 10 teaspoons of sugar? At this rate you’d have to kiss your enamel goodbye! So, restrict sugar intake and avoid aerated drinks as much as possible.

Don’t give your gums the distant cousin treatment because they are vital to your overall health and well-being too. Which is why, whether or not you’re one of those people whose gums are seen every time they flash their pearly whites, you are not exempt from gum care. Taking your oral hygiene seriously means looking after your mouth in its entirety; teeth, tongue, gums and all.