Your eyebrows can make a huge difference between getting the perfect look and ruining the effect. It is important to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape. And we will tell you how.

Some women are born with perfect eyebrows. Lucky girls, we say. If you don’t have the desired shape or thickness, worry not. There are tricks and hacks to create the impression of thickness. Learn from this eyebrow tutorial and you can also get dramatic eyes all the time.

Before you learn how to fill eyebrows, you need to first see if your eyebrows are the right shape. Here are simple steps to get that perfect shape.

Tips to get the Perfect Eyebrow!

#1 The starting point
Hold a pencil vertically against the outer part of your nose. Your eyebrow must start from where the pencil touches it.

#2 The end point
Hold the brow pencil diagonally from the outer edge of your nose to your temples. The point where it extends beyond your eye is where your eyebrow should end.
If there’s hair beyond these two points, pluck, thread or shave it using Gillette Venus Original Razor. If hair is sparse, you will need to fill it in.

#3 The perfect arch
Once again hold your brow pencil vertically against your nose. Now, keeping the lower end fixed firmly, move the upper part towards the centre of your eye. Where the pencil touches the brow is the natural arch of your eyebrow.

#4 The perfect colour
The thumb rule is to pick two shade lighter for dark hair and two shades darker for light hair.
Now that you’ve got the perfect shape, let’s start filling them up.

How to get Thick & Full Eyebrows with Limited Makeup Use

#1 Pick your fillings
Choose what you’re most comfortable with – pencil, eyeshadow/powder, or brow gel, or a combination. A pencil gives more definition and powders add a natural finish.

#2 Fill them in
Eyebrows tend to be thin at the beginning. Do not make the mistake of filling them in too much. Go with the natural shape and get just perfectly thick eyebrows.
Use short, gentle strokes while filling in to get a natural look.

#3 Go all the way
Fill in the complete length of your eyebrows. Don’t go overboard but wherever your brow is sparse, fill in a little more. Thicken, intensify, one stroke at a time.

#4 Refine with a powder
A pencil can end up looking a bit patchy. Give a smooth finish using a brow powder. You can also use matte eyeshadow. Remember, do not use a much darker shade.

#5 Conceal and perfect
The last step in learning how to get fuller eyebrows is using a concealer. Pick a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone on your upper and lower brow bone. Use an eyebrow gel and comb to tame any wayward strands.
5 steps to getting thicker, fuller, and more defined eyebrows. Do this every day and soon working on your eyebrows will come naturally to you.